10 of the Best OpenCart Sites

Posted by JackBudd on June 7, 2024

OpenCart is known for its flexibility and robust features, and powers an impressive range of online stores across various industries. From high-end jewellery boutiques to innovative electronics shops, the platform's versatility shines through in the success of its users. Here are ten of the best OpenCart sites that stand out for their design, functionality, and user experience. These websites not only showcase the capabilities of OpenCart but also set a high standard for what e-commerce can achieve.

Please note that this list excludes our current clients, many of whom have even higher traffic than the websites featured below.


Good Smile Company, commonly known as GSC, is a leading Japanese manufacturer of hobby products, including the popular Nendoroid and figma product lines, as well as scale figures. This impressive OpenCart site showcases their extensive range, based on beloved anime, manga, and games from Japan, China, and the USA.


Website: goodsmileus.com

Traffic: 950k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 5.92 per visit

Industry: Hobby and collectibles

2. bensound

Bensound, conceptualised by musician Benjamin Tissot in 2012, has evolved into a premier eCommerce platform. Initially offering only Benjamin's compositions, it now provides a vast array of both free and licensed music, along with sound effects. As its popularity soared, Bensound expanded its repertoire to include works from other artists, becoming a go-to hub for content creators across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Website: bensound.com

Traffic: 690k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 3.71 per visit

Industry: Music

3. Diamonds Factory

For over 15 years, the Diamond Factory has been synonymous with crafting exquisite yet affordable luxury pieces, earning the trust of customers as the UK's premier online jeweller. With a commitment to offering unbeatable value, they guarantee exceptional savings with a price match guarantee service. Each piece is meticulously handmade by seasoned craftsmen, ensuring unparalleled quality that sets them apart.


Website: diamondsfactory.co.uk

Traffic: 550k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 3.51 per visit

Industry: Jewellery

4. Pharmacy Direct

Pharmacy Direct redefines the pharmacy experience as Australia's pioneering online pharmacy and Health Food Super-Mart since 1996. Offering over 17,000 products, including medications and wellness essentials, their pharmacist-operated store ensures expert advice and unparalleled convenience. With various purchasing options and competitive pricing, Pharmacy Direct prioritises your health and savings. 


Website: pharmacydirect.com.au

Traffic: 270k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 30.31 per visit

Industry: Healthcare

5. Get Laid Beds

Founded from humble beginnings in a garage by Jonny and Jean, designers with a passion for quality sleep, the company remains dedicated to their belief that everyone deserves a well-designed bed built to last. 


Website: getlaidbeds.co.uk

Traffic: 200k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 5.86 per visit

Industry: Furniture

6. Vicrez

Vicrez prides itself on being the leading customer-centric company in the automotive industry. As the premier online aftermarket retailer, this top OpenCart site has become the first choice for customers by prioritising their needs. Vicrez goes above and beyond to ensure their automotive parts stand out, offering the best prices for the finest quality parts in the industry.


Website: vicrez.com

Traffic: 130k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 2.62 per visit

Industry: Automotive


The Kodak Pixpro digital camera collection, showcased on this standout OpenCart site, offers intuitive, powerful, and economical cameras that inspire photographers of all levels. Through a global licensing agreement with Kodak, JK Imaging proudly manufactures and sells these digital imaging products.


Website: kodakpixpro.com

Traffic: 110k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 3.63 per visit

Industry: Electronics

8. Go Dukkan

Godukkan is your ultimate electronics destination, operated by MUSALLAM TRADING LLC, a Dubai-based company. With a focus on top-notch electronic solutions, Godukkan.com offers a wide range of products to cater to tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. From laptops and desktop PCs to PC components, monitors, networking devices, mobile phones, tablets, and accessories, this OpenCart site has it all!


Website: godukkan.com

Traffic: 105k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 3.34 per visit

Industry: Electronics

9. Sceptre

Sceptre stands out as a pioneer in the LCD/HDTV industry. For close to four decades, Sceptre has been headquartered in the City of Industry, a prominent center for technology. Since 1984, their commitment to innovation has been unparalleled, introducing groundbreaking CRT technology and advancing to LCD, LED, and 3D displays.


Website: sceptre.com

Traffic: 67k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 2.23 per visit

Industry: Electronics


Since its establishment in April 2013, Get Er Brewed has rapidly grown from serving the homebrew community to becoming a leading supplier in the commercial brewery industry. Based in Northern Ireland, with a team of twenty-six and a second warehouse in Dundalk, they offer worldwide shipping and prioritie customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality, they provide the finest brewing ingredients sourced globally, while also offering innovative services like the Custom Recipe Builder.


Website: geterbrewed.com

Traffic: 54k visitors/month

Pages / Visit: 5.95 per visit

Industry: Food and drink

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