How to Add Reward Points to Customers Within OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on March 16, 2021

Keeping customers happy and making them feel valued is very important. One way to go about this is by rewarding them with Reward Points. In this blog, I highlight how to go about rewarding customers with reward points within OpenCart.

  • Go to Customers > Customer List > Reward Points.


  • Then click edit on the customer that you want to reward the points to.


  • Next on the Edit Customer section click on the Reward Points tab. Once there you will need to add the description (such as Happy Birthday) and the amount of points you want to reward and click ‘Add Rewards Points’.


  • Once you have done this the reward points will show up on the customers profile and they will get an email.


  • If you make a mistake with the amount of reward points you have given then you can simply put - you can simply put a negative amount with a minus sign (-) and the points will be removed.


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