Seldom Used Hacks That Will Amplify Your Marketing Productivity

Posted by admin on July 23, 2015

At times, things don’t go well and we may end up having a messed up day at work. Yes, it simply means that we failed to have a productive day. So the next question, that comes to mind will be, "What is this thing called productivity?"

Productivity is the indicator of your efficiency, or we can say, the rate at which you work. For any business to grow, it is necessary that its employees are productive. Such employees bring new business clients and customers through different marketing techniques. So by improving productivity, you will be able to boost your marketing campaign. The rate at which your marketing team brings in leads, is the marketing productivity of your team. Apart from bringing in leads, they help you to gain an online presence and brand recognition.

In short, a good marketing team with increased productivity and will help your business to grow.

Need for Marketing Productivity

A company may find it difficult to attract customers for their product, in the absence of a good marketing team. Such a team helps the company to gain better quality leads. A business can win a tight competition against a reputed one, if it manages to have a competitive productive marketing team.

Nowadays, businesses are using different marketing techniques to attract customers. Inbound marketing based on quality content has overtaken the outbound advertisement techniques.

Hard work alone is not enough, you must be working at the right things:

  • Create a schedule for all the to-dos
  • Rely on automated processes
  • Task simplification
  • Outsource what you can   
  • Less effort, more output

Yes, you may be feeling that, these are the old lessons, which are hard to implement. Let me show you how these can help you to increase your marketing productivity.

Create a schedule for all the to-dos

“Assigning a task to a specific day increases your chances of getting it done. With a to-do list only, you have a 40 to 50 percent chance of doing the task. Scheduling the task (date and time) increases your chances of completing it by 70% or so”.   ~ Judith Kohlberg

Many a times, people give you the advice to make a to-do list for your daily activities and slowly you start to realize that, it is not easy to keep it going for a long time. So, the better option is to follow scheduling as this will help you to manage things better.

When it comes to productivity, we all are more productive at a certain time during the day. When it comes to me, I am more active during the morning. So, better find out when you are more productive and schedule your tasks accordingly.

Rely on automated processes

When you are working on different projects at a time, it is not easy to concentrate on all of them properly.  So, try to automate the tasks that can be automated. Nowadays, many tools are available to manage time and your business activities. These kind of automated tools can be customized, to match different business requirements.

Therefore, you can use SocialOomph, Buffer, Sproutsocial, etc. to increase your social outreach whereas Nutchache or Freshbooks for invoicing.

For example, CRM software used by small businesses helps them in lead management. They get updated information about the new leads, ones in the pipeline, along with the data on the won or lost leads.

Task simplification

Task simplification is very important in today’s busy world. You can simplify your daily tasks like sending some repetitive mails by this approach. Create a template mail and use them instead of creating a new one everytime.

When it comes to online marketing, you need to be very sure about the content. So better you can make boilerplates and templates for different articles, blogs, etc. as this will help you to concentrate on the matter.

For example, there was a time when withdrawing cash from a bank was tedious. You needed to go to a bank, fill a withdrawal form, stand in a queue and collect the cash. Things changed with the introduction of ATMs.

Outsource what you can

When it comes to a business, handling everything altogether will not be a good idea as you may end up mixing everything. So, the best option is to distribute your work. You can outsource the work that you don’t like or get bored, while doing. In a business, there are a number of tasks like accounting, maintaining the product’s information, etc. that you may find hectic and less interesting. So better find somebody else, to do these tasks. This will help you to get your work done on time, that too at less stress. 

Less effort, more work

Any business entity wants its work done fast, that too with less effort. This can be achieved by opting for a smart work. Here, the main aim is to get the work done in much less time, with less stress.

For example, you can go for a task management system for your business. Here you can add/assign/remove task for yourself or your employees whenever you want. So your employees will have an idea of the tasks that they are expected to accomplish in a day or week or month.

For a successful business, it is necessary to invest all your time and efforts in a positive direction. The above mentioned points will help you to achieve your goal.

Moreover make use of your productive time in a proper manner, and get your work done. Remember, that we all have good and bad days at work, so don’t feel disappointed if things don't go to plan sometimes. Try to focus on what you can do and always try to do a bit more out of your comfort zone.

Author Bio:
Christopher Meloni is a Marketing Manager at Dealslands UK a fastest growing Online Coupon Industry. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion for the Ecommerce Industry and it's Branding and likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field. 

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