Antropy Hourly Rate from 2021-01

Posted by Paul on February 3, 2021

Setting one's rate has always been tricky. Too high and you'll price yourself out of the market, too low and you'll find yourself unable to deliver your best work.

So to allow us to hire the best developers, buy the best equipment, and deliver the best work possible, we've decided to review our rate on a 6 monthly basis; in month 6 (June) and month 12 (December).

We'll base this on various factors including market conditions and market rates.

In our most recent review (in December 2020) you'll be pleased to hear that we decided that due to the Coronavirus uncertainty we'll keep our hourly rate at the same £70+VAT we've been at for a few years now - even though that makes us one of the lowest cost UK-based (with offices, staff, and developers here in the UK) OpenCart Gold Partners, and around ½ the rate of many London-based digital web agencies.

Of course we'll give our long-term hourly clients plenty of notice of any rate changes, and the next review will be due in June 2021.

Hopefully keeping our rate low helps our clients to continue to thrive during a time that is difficult for some but also full of Covid-secure online opportunities!