Aquafayre OpenCart Rebuild

Posted by AlexDobson on January 6, 2023

We have worked with Aquafayre for many years and undertaken numerous smaller projects for them over this time. However they were in need of an OpenCart rebuild as the site was on an older 1.5.6 version and was in drastic need of a revamp! Staying on a legacy version like 1.5.6 is very bad for your site and we highlight “3 Key Reasons to Upgrade from OpenCart Version 1.5” in another blog of ours.

We used our latest OpenCart Theme Electron for the rebuild keeping the layout and colour scheme very similar to the previous site. We kept the Homepage simple and easy to navigate. This is something that the Electron brings to the table and resonates throughout the sites from the category pages to the product pages.


For this project we included four of our own extensions into the build including our Advanced Captcha, Subcategory Images, Log Trimmer and Flexible Top Menu Links.

If you would like us to complete an upgrade on your OpenCart website using one of our Build Packages like Aquafayre did then please do email us at for more information and we would be happy to help.

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