Best Extensions for Your OpenCart Store

Posted by JackBudd on January 19, 2024

OpenCart thrives on its extensive range of extensions that enhance functionality and streamline operations. We have put together some of the best free, and paid, OpenCart extensions below.

Starting with the best free OpenCart Extensions by us at Antropy

SameSite Session Fix - This extension tackles Missing Order issues associated with specific payment gateways, stemming from the SameSite cookie attribute's recent implementation in major browsers like Google Chrome.You will benefit from this extension by resolving compatibility challenges and ensuring a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Admin Panel Brute Force Block - Protect your OpenCart store from brute-force and denial-of-service attacks by swiftly addressing repeated POST requests to /admin/. This will strengthen the security of your admin panel, removing potential threats and ensuring a safer online environment.

Better Charts - A user-friendly extension allowing you to customise the colours and graph style of your dashboard reports effortlessly. This will enhance the visual appeal of your OpenCart admin panel, offering a personalised and insightful reporting experience.

Best Paid OpenCart Extensions

PayPal Checkout Integration - Seamlessly integrate PayPal Checkout into your OpenCart store, providing customers with a secure and efficient payment experience. This will enhance payment options, improve customer trust, and streamline the checkout process for increased conversions.

Antropy Meta Robots Editor - Empower site administrators to control search engine indexing by customising meta robot tags with ease. Fine-tune your website's SEO strategy, ensuring that search engines crawl and index your pages according to your preferences.

Antropy Subcategory Images - Elevate the visual appeal of your "Refine Search" page by adding images to each subcategory from the third-tier hierarchy of categories and beyond. Capture the attention of customers, offering a visually engaging browsing experience that encourages exploration and boosts conversion rates.

Whether you're seeking budget-friendly enhancements or premium features, the world of OpenCart extensions is rich with possibilities. Our own contributions stand out for their effectiveness in addressing common challenges and elevating your OpenCart store to new heights. Explore these extensions to optimise your online business and provide an exceptional user experience.

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