Best OpenCart Themes to Use

Posted by JackBudd on February 16, 2024

When it comes to setting up your online store, choosing the right theme can make a world of difference. OpenCart offers a plethora of themes to choose from. However, not all themes are created equal. In fact, many of them fall short in terms of coding standards and compatibility, leading to headaches for users down the line.

Here's why: Most themes tend to modify templates and other integral parts of the OpenCart system files, often resulting in the introduction of bugs and potential conflicts with extensions. Furthermore, the majority of these themes are of inferior quality, appearing visually appealing initially but riddled with bugs across various device screens and even functional breakdowns.

In contrast, our themes are meticulously crafted by solely modifying CSS. This approach ensures a bug-free experience without compromising extension compatibility. Additionally, our themes are optimised for lightning-fast performance.

To save you the trouble of sifting through the clutter, here are our best OpenCart themes that not only look great but also adhere to proper coding practices. Our selection includes the three standout themes designed by us: the Electron, Multipurpose, and iStore Theme.

1. Electron Theme

If you're aiming for a modern and sleek aesthetic, look no further than our Electron Theme. Compatible with OpenCart versions from through to, this theme offers a refreshing design with a full-width coloured header, reminiscent of leading online stores. Built using CSS only, it avoids overriding core files, ensuring seamless integration and easy customisation. With its contemporary look, the Electron Theme is sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.


2. Multipurpose Theme

The Multipurpose Theme is a versatile option suitable for a wide range of e-commerce businesses. It boasts a clean and minimalistic design, enhancing the visual appeal of your online store. This theme stands out for its Hero Image feature, which provides a captivating backdrop for your products. Additionally, the attention to detail, such as the bold sidebar background and dynamic category page colours, ensures an engaging user experience.


3. iStore Theme

The iStore Theme strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style. Compatible with OpenCart versions from 2.x through to 4.x, it delivers a user-friendly interface with a touch of sophistication. By refraining from overriding core files and relying solely on CSS for styling, we've ensured compatibility and ease of use. From vibrant banners to updated product displays, every aspect of the iStore Theme is meticulously crafted to enhance your online store's visual appeal.


When it comes to selecting the right theme for your OpenCart store, quality should be a top priority. In a market flooded with poorly coded themes, it's crucial to choose options that prioritise this quality and compatibility. Our themes, the Multipurpose Theme, Electron Theme, and iStore Theme, stand out for their commitment to excellence in design and functionality. With these themes, you can create a captivating online presence while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your website is built on a solid foundation.

To purchase any of these themes, please click the links above or visit the marketplace here.

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