Changing URL Structure - is it a good idea yes or no?

Posted by AlexDobson on September 9, 2019

It is a common question we get asked as to whether it is ok to change the URL structure and whether this will affect SEO ratings in anyway.

The answer in short is no (if done correctly).

Why would you look to change URLs in the first place? 

The first reason would be shortening a URL because if unmanaged OpenCart can add parts that are not needed in a URL for example instead of the homepage being instead you have Or instead of you have This is quite a common URL change and one that would make life easier for customers to search for pages. Simple changes like this will not affect SEO and is well worth changing.

The second reason is putting more keywords into a URL. This can be tricky and should not be done if you do not know what you are doing. The reason for this is the shifting of the main text within the URL for example instead of your change it to then yes you have added a keyword but it also means that if people type in it will go to a dead URL if not changed properly. The main way of avoiding dead URLs is using 301 redirects which means that if a customer does type in you will be redirected to However it is good practice to make sure the new URL is added to your email footers or any places that your know your URL shows up e.g. Google Business Page or LinkedIn. Before you put the new URL live, it is important to test and use any tools to determine whether any errors come up.

So in essence if done correctly, changing URL structure will not harm or disrupt your SEO ranking. However you need to make sure that wherever a link is changed from an old one to a new one, there should be a 301 redirect in place.

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