Consumer Psychology at the Ecommerce Checkout

Posted by Paul on January 14, 2014

This detailed and informative image looks at the motivations underlying customers' behaviour during the checkout process on e-commerce sites.

By looking at the numbers below, you can deduce that the following features would have a very positive effect on sales:

  1. Page loads faster than 3 seconds.
  2. Professional design and branding work rather than the default theme.
  3. The best product photography possible.
  4. Multiple images of each product from different angles.
  5. Product videos.
  6. Product reviews.
  7. A clearly visible phone number.
  8. Clear delivery details.
  9. A short checkout process that doesn't ask for any details twice.
  10. Guest checkout option (as below can double sales).
  11. No hidden charges that suddenly appear at the checkout.
  12. Newsletter opt-in checkbox.
  13. Big, clear buttons.
  14. A checkout progress indicator (you are on step 1 of 3).
  15. Discount codes and coupons.
  16. Low shipping costs.
  17. Fast delivery (but not necessarily same day).
  18. Clearly visible card logos.
  19. Multiple payment methods, including PayPal.


Consumer Psychology and the E-Commerce Checkout - An infographic by the team at vouchercloud

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