Coupon and Voucher Codes in OpenCart

Posted by Paul on April 5, 2013

We've been asked a couple of times recently about how the coupon codes work in OpenCart. Well here's a brief overview.

There are a couple of coupon codes set up by default in OpenCart:

OpenCart Default Coupon Code

You can either modify these or create a new one of your own. It would be worth setting your own coupon code at least.

OpenCart Default Coupon Code Settings

Save the changes and make sure the status is set to enabled.

Send out your coupon code in an email or on a leaflet.

Now when your customer reviews their shopping cart they will see the option to "Use Coupon Code". Be aware that if they go straight to the checkout, there will be no option to enter the code.

OpenCart Enter Coupon Code

Once they have entered the code and clicked "Apply Coupon" they will see their new total.

OpenCart Coupon Code Checkout

They can now continue to the checkout with their discount.

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