Crawley Sheds & Cabins Website Rebuild

Posted by AlexDobson on August 6, 2021

We always enjoy helping local companies with their ecommerce websites and the Crawley Sheds and Cabins rebuild was no different. They approached us as their old website was built and run through a company that rhymes with Well (hint hint) and known to be cheap and cheerful. This was all well and good until they needed to expand and needed to upgrade in order to deal with more requests.


They still wanted to keep the site as simplistic as possible and this fitted in perfectly with our simple builds packages. We used our iStore Theme and changed the colours to fit in with their branding. The new theme and the use of OpenCart meant they were able to expand the amount of sheds and cabins they were able to list. In addition with a higher hosting package, more customers could visit the site without them fearing the server may not be able to handle it.


See the design on our portfolio page in the link below: 

Crawley Sheds and Cabins Portfolio Page

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