Cyber Monday 2014 Infographic

Posted by Paul on November 19, 2014

This year, Monday 1 December is Cyber Monday!

Hundreds of retailers will be slashing prices for 24 hours as consumers scramble to find a bargain for the start of the festive season.

For both consumers and ecommerce retailers alike, it's important to be prepared, either to know how and where to get the best deals, or to ensure that websites are prepared and ready.

What can you do to prepare?

  • Test your checkout process all the way through
  • Test any special features; product options, delivery options etc.
  • Test any contact forms
  • Make sure you're receiving all order confirmation emails
  • Check your bandwidth usage with your host - are you near the limit?
  • Is your developer/host/gateway easiliy contactable in case anything goes wrong?
  • Is your warehouse ready to fulfill a higher volume of orders than usual?

More info on Cyber Monday here:

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