Delivering an Exceptional Ecommerce Experience

Posted by Paul on November 5, 2013

Well I was so impressed recently when placing an order on that I thought it would be worth highlighting some of the things they've got spot on and how they're going above and beyond customer expectations on a daily basis.

I was looking for a graphics card for my desktop computer so that I could run 3 monitors and quickly narrowed it down to just 2 that were suitable and very reasonably priced. After choosing this one I went on to the checkout. I was surprised the cheapest delivery option was nearly £9 and asked a friend who had an account. Because he's part of their forums, he gets free delivery on everything! That's the first thing they're doing right because it's a great benefit which realy encourages customer loyalty.

I went on the place the order, pleased that I was saving so much on postage and that the card itself was pretty good value. Despite placing my order mid-afternoon, delivery was due the next day - great because these things are always exciting.

Very early the next morning I receive a text that says my order is due to be delivered today within a certain timeframe of just 1 hour. This is great because I know my order will be arriving soon. But even better is that I can reply to have the order delayed until the next day, or left with a neighbour if I know I'm going to be out during that time. Another very impressive touch, which is simply down to Overclockers UK choosing DPD as their courier.

Later in the day I wasn't sure if my parcel had arrived so entered the short URL from the text message in to a browser. It showed all the stops the parcel had made and the precise time of arrival and who had signed for it. Very nice.

Finally, not only was the item very nice but it was packaged with a nice clear VAT invoice (required of course) and a bag of Haribo sweets! This was the icing on the cake because it made me feel that this company really cared about my order any my custom. You can be sure that next time I'm looking for computer parts, Overclockers will be the first place I look.

The Moral of the Story

  • Stock great products at fair prices
  • Offer free delivery for loyal customers or wherever possible
  • Deliver unbelievably quickly
  • Communicate as much as possible about the order status
  • Updates by text are a very nice touch
  • Online delivery tracking is very helpful and appreciated by customers
  • A free gift that your customers will actually use/eat! shows you care and doesn't have to be expensive (my bag of Haribo must have cost less than 10p but still had the desired effect)
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