Derails OpenCart Rebuild

Posted by AlexDobson on June 6, 2022

We have worked with Derails for many years and undertaken numerous smaller projects over the years. However the time had come to undertake an OpenCart rebuild as the site was an older 1.5.4 version which was in drastic need of a revamp! Staying on a legacy version like 1.5 is very bad for your site and we highlight this in our blog “3 Key Reasons to Upgrade from OpenCart Version 1.5”.


We based the design from our reliable Multipurpose Theme. We made limited changes such as using the existing colour from the previous website on the new theme, adding another description box to the product pages underneath the existing one and changing the colour of the add-to-cart button based on stock levels.


See the completed website on our portfolio page in the link below: 

Derails Website

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