Developing iPhone and Android Apps with Flash

Posted by Paul on June 8, 2012

A lot of developers are put off creating iPhone and Android apps because of the time an difficulty of learning a new programming language, Objective-C for iPhone and Java for Android.

Well it's not too difficult to develop apps that work on both iPhone and Android from one codebase using Adobe Flash.

Why do this?
Well, write once, deploy across devices, saving time and cost. Apps built this way are compiled to native iPhone apps with all of the performance benefits and access to all of the iPhone features such as the accelerometer, GPS and camera. They can even take advantage of the iPhone GPU. There are already a very large amount of Flash code libraries that can be used, making development this way quicker and easier than writing directly in Objective-C. To get on to Android, you'll need to deploy as an Adobe AIR app but changes to the code should be minimal and far less than re-writing for Android in Java!

To find out more about building iPhone apps this way, check this link:

And for more about deploying to Android: (no longer active, here's why:

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