Ecommerce and the Christmas Holidays 2013

Posted by Paul on December 20, 2013

This year many online retailers have seen the Christmas rush come later than ever with more and more people leaving their online shopping to the last minute. It seems the reason for this is partly increased confidence and trust in buying online and in the speed and reliability of deliveries.

However, it's definitely worth making sure that you're ready to serve increased demand over the Christmas break itself, depending on your industry of course. If you're predominantly B2B then it's likely demand will drop off, but if you sell retail items B2C then you should see some busy days for online orders where people are shopping online with Christmas money, on new tablets or laptops and while they have time off and it's not really weather for going out.

Particularly busy days are likely to be Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then New Year's day as people start looking for deals in the January sales.

And here are some other "traditionally" busy days. Have you noticed increased sales on any of these days?

  • 11th November 2013 - Singles Day (mostly just China)
  • 29th November 2013 - Black Friday
  • 3rd December 2013 - Mega Monday (in the UK) Cyber Monday (in the US)

Or have you noticed these particularly quiet periods?

  • 30th (29th in North America) November 2013 - Buy Nothing Day (a protest against consumerism)
  • July - August - "The Dog Days of Summer"
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