eCommerce Expo 2013

Posted by Paul on October 4, 2013

We went to London yesterday to check out the eCommerce Expo and had a great time meeting some of the key players in the ecommerce industry. The highlight for us being the OpenCart stand where we met the developers behind OpenStock, OpenBayPro and the man himself behind OpenCart, Daniel Kerr.

It was interesting talking to Daniel about the phenominal success of OpenCart, the 1.5.6 release which includes OpenStock and OpenBayPro by default and his plans for the future of OpenCart.

What I wasn't expecting to hear was that Daniel is now working on version 2.0.0 of OpenCart and expects it to be released this year (i.e. in the next 3 months)!

New features may include:

  • Automatic extension installer and manager
  • Automatic vQmod installer and manager
  • Improvements to vQmod
  • Updates to the way themes work using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Integration with American Express
  • Redesigned admin interface
  • Fully responsive default theme
  • Updates to the file manager
  • Allowing admins to set custom fields for customer registrations

There were also companies offering all sorts of ecommerce software and services including:

the chat shop
These guys not only provide the software to give you a live chat on your website but will man the chat with knowledgeable UK chat operators who build up a knowledgebase of questions about your products.

They offer barcode readers for your warehouse that link to your inventory management software. With their system they claim packing errors can be reduced to 1 in 25,000.

Trust Pilot
Product reviews are fantastic for sales but savvy customers know that reviews on a company's own website may be censored or edited. Trust Pilot allows you to display independent and trusted reviews.

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