5 step process to make sure your Ecommerce Store ready for Christmas!

Posted by AlexDobson on November 30, 2018

Ho Ho Ho Merry Ecommercemas (I have been waiting months to release this pun)!

We know it will be a very stressful few weeks in the lead up to Christmas and it will be the last push to get products sold and delivered in time for the 25th December! Now here are 6 quick steps that will help to promote, boost sales and make sure your Ecommerce Store is all set for Christmas and after.

1) Make the website look Christmassy

Making that bit of effort to decorate your website will go a long way in the view of your customers. This will also get people in the Christmas spirit when perusing your website and might just push those extra sales through. However it is imperative that you keep your branding and logo strong throughout so that customers still come back even after the Christmas blitz.

2) Highlight special Christmas offers through marketing

Free delivery on certain products, £20 off when you spend £40 or free gift when you spend £60. You get the picture, these are all prominent sales techniques that will help to draw the customers in and spend that little bit more. Making sure you promote these in blogs, newsletters and advertising are key in order to get traffic through to your website.

3) Make sure your Website is up to speed

With the increase in traffic, make sure your website can handle this! If you don’t make the correct disk space or bandwidth then it would be your worst nightmare if in the height of a customers spending spree the site crashes! This could leave you thinking about the what ifs and the lost money if only you had double checked your site was ready. You can contact the Antropy team to double check that your site is ready for the Christmas stampede on info@antropy.co.uk.

4) Have stock in place and ready

This may sound very very obvious but it is the sicking reality that if you run out of products, then a customer will simple go to another store to buy the same product. It is imperative that planning ahead and making sure that you go above and beyond to make sure you have the products in stock to avoid disappointment both for yourself and the customer.

5) Keeping customers after Christmas and beyond

The Christmas rush is brilliant for sales but you have to remember that there are 11 other months to the year! Making sure a customer has had the best possible shopping experience when buying products will go a long way to ensuring that you don’t just had a customer for Christmas but for a lifetime. How do you go about this- boxing day sales (have a special discount code for those that have already shopped at your store unique to that email address), spend monthly newsletters promoting your products, following up to see how they like the gift and good customer service if they have any questions or issues such as a return policy.

If you can follow these 5 steps and implement them before the Christmas rush then you should find yourself well equipped to deal with the busiest time of the month!

If you do want to run through any of the above, especially point number 3 then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either on 07751217925 or info@antropy.co.uk.

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