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Posted by Paul on May 31, 2013

Our latest website to go live combines social media and ecommerce in a new and innovative way that provides a better, more immersive shopping experience and brings customer loyalty back to retail.

Online cosmetics retailer, Fresh Indulgence, engaged Antropy in their exciting new project to make shopping for cosmetics a more social and enjoyable experience where users can learn from each other's reviews and recommendations as well as beauty tips.

Customers on the website can either register to create an account or log in with their facebook account. Once logged in, they can access all the usual "my account" features you'd expect but they can also create a beauty profile:


Beauty Profile


Here information about hair colour, skin type, eye colour and more can be used to recommend the most relevant products and customers with similar beauty profiles can see what has been a particularly good product for someone with similar needs.


Best for You


In addition to the usual wish list that many shopping carts have, the new website allows each user to have their own "Beauty Cabinet" where they can save beauty products that they use regularly or are interested in and they can review these products publicly.


My Beauty Cabinet


Customers are also able to upload both photos and videos and tag these with categories from the ecommerce shop such as eyes, hair, face, lips, nails and also tag the products featured in the video from the products on the website.


My Videos


These photos, videos, profiles and cabinets are then accessible to other customers via the top navigation of the website, becoming a more interesting and useful way to browse.


Beauty Navigation


Fresh indulgence also give a percentage of sales to charity and we implemented a real-time running total on their "Beauty Karma" page.


Beauty Karma Charity Points

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