How to Set Up Google Analytics Tracking in OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on February 24, 2020

Google Analytics is a key component to any business as it gives you detailed data regarding the comings and goings of your website. Being able to sync this with your OpenCart store is key so that this data can be viewed and analysed. So how is this achieved?

1) First of all click on the 'Extensions' and then on 'Analytics'.


2) Then click install. 


3) You then need to get the tracking code from Google Analytics. Within your Google Analytics account you click on admin, click on tracking info and then tracking code. From there you will get the tracking code that you can copy and paste into OpenCart.


4) After this, you click the edit button and then insert your Google Analytics tracking identification. Once you have done this, click enable in the status box list and then press save.


Once you have completed the above Google Analytics will be installed onto your OpenCart site and linked with your account.

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