Why Have Your Hosting and Development Work Under the Same Roof?

Posted by AlexDobson on June 21, 2019

We are in the lucky position of having the majority of our key clients hosting with us, as well as doing their development work. This makes getting work done more straightforward because as we host the site any questions that may arise with regards to the server we can resolve quickly alongside the development work we are undertaking.

When you are doing regular work for a company and they do not host with you it really does slow up the process as if there are any hosting issues you or the client have to contact the host, wait for a reply, and then press on with the work. In some instances we have had to wait 2 weeks to get a reply from a hosting company (this was from a hosting company who were very cheap but did not have a clue about OpenCart).

A good analogy to use for this is if you are getting your car serviced but will only buy tyres from a certain place. This means that if the tyres need changing the company, the mechanic doing the service has to wait for the tyres to be delivered before they can continue the service. Thus holding up when you can get the car back and be back on the road.

It may seem like a lot of work to switch hosting companies but for the sake of 30 minutes down time and an hours transfer it is definitely worth it in the long term. If you are looking for work to be completed quickly and with minimal hold ups, then having your hosting and development under the same roof if the best route to take.

Take a look at the OpenCart Hosting Packages we offer if you have any questions then either comment below or send us an email to info@antropy.co.uk.

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