How Easy Is It to Switch to OpenCart?

Posted by AlexDobson on November 12, 2021

A question we get asked a lot when clients are potentially looking to switch from one platform to another is a) how hard is this to achieve and b) how much disruption will it cause to my current site?

How hard is it to switch platforms?

Well it is a bit of an open ended question as really it depends on what platform you are switching from and to. Switching from something like WordPress to OpenCart would be a lot easier than a more complex CMS like Magento. It also depends on how much custom work has been done on your current website as this is especially prevalent if you are looking to move to Shopify as it is notoriously hard/ near impossible to recreate the custom work that has been done. 

How much disruption would be caused to my current site?

We work on a development site whilst we build your new website so no disruption would occur during the build. When the development site has been finished and tested by all parties, then we put the site live. This is the only part where some disruption may be caused but we aim to keep downtime to a minimum. 

Will my existing URLs stay the same?

We will always aim to keep as many URLs the same as possible but on the odd chance that this is not possible then we will setup redirects so that no broken links are live.

What should I do about Hosting?

This really depends on which platform you are switching from and to but as we highlighted in a previous blog, it is a very good idea to keep your development and hosting under the same umbrella.

Keeping your SEO rankings

We will make sure that all the content is transferred from your current site, meta tags and titles are filled out and any SEO extensions can be installed to help with your SEO. In addition as highlighted above, making sure your URLs are transferred across as they should be will also help keep your SEO ranking in-tact.

So if you are interested in switching platforms to OpenCart then please do check out our Build Packages for the best fit for your new store.

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