How Product Returns Work Within OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on October 14, 2022

There are two ways product returns are added within OpenCart, either by the customer or manually by yourself. So let's start with the customer:

The customer will be able to return a product on a standard OpenCart site by clicking on the “Returns” link situation on the bottom of the page under “Customer Service”. Once on this page they will be able to fill out the “Product Returns” form with all the relevant information needed.


When this has been filled out, the product being returned will appear in the OpenCart Admin under Sales > Returns. If any further information needs to be added, then you can click edit and action accordingly. 


This is very useful if the customer calls up giving any further information regarding the faulty product as you can write notes regarding this correspondence.


If the customer calls up or comes into your store regarding a product return, then you can manually add this into the system. You simply click “Add New” and you are presented with an identical form to the one the customers fills out on the website. 


Hopefully you found this useful and if there are anymore useful demos within OpenCart you would like to see then please do email us at and we would be happy to add this to our blogs list.

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