How to Copy in the Store Admin on all Customer Emails

Posted by AlexDobson on July 21, 2023

In default OpenCart, when a customers makes a purchase, a minimum of two emails are sent. One email is sent to the store owner and another is sent to the customer. If you've ever seen the store owner's email, it's in plain text and, more importantly, doesn't contain all the information in the customer's order confirmation email.

As a store owner, it's vital that you are able to see as much data about an order as possible. It's even better if you can access all of this at a glance. The customer's order confirmation contains pretty much all the data you could want as a store owner; so we decided to amend the addressing of this email.

We have created an OCMod that modifies the mail functionality such that only the HTML order confirmation email is sent. However, this email will have the store owner as a BCC. No longer will you receive the plain text order email, or have to access the Admin panel to see all the necessary order information.

If this is something that interests you, head on over to the OpenCart Marketplace listing on How to Copy in the Store Admin on all Customer Emails.

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