How to Enable Estimate Shipping in OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on August 8, 2023

Enabling the Shipping Estimator feature on your OpenCart site can greatly enhance the user experience for your customers. This tool empowers them to quickly receive a quote for the shipping cost of items in their shopping cart.

To begin, navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Order Totals > Shipping (then click Edit).


Once you're on the Edit page, ensure that both the 'Shipping Estimator' and 'Status' options are set to Enabled.


Subsequently, the Shipping Estimator will be visible within the Shopping Cart. Customers can access it by clicking 'View Cart' in their Shopping Cart. Once the customer enters their Country, Region / State and Post Code, and then clicks 'Get Quote', the estimated shipping rate for their purchase will be displayed.


At this point, the customer can select the preferred shipping rate, which will then be added to the total cost of their order.


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