How to Remove the Category Product Count Within OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on September 15, 2023

Having the number of products within your category pages in your dropdown list can be very useful for customers to see. However, there are drawbacks to having these enabled, such as if your store has a lot of subcategories, it can cause a speed performance hit on your website (this is highlighted in an information box). It can also look quite messy if you have a lot of products spread across many subcategories.


You will notice within your category pages that the number of products is shown if this setting is enabled, like this.


So to disable, enter your OpenCart Dashboard and go to System > Settings and then once on the Store page, click Edit.


Once you're in the Edit Settings section, click on the Option tab. Within the Products section, you will see 'Category Product Count.' Simply switch this from Yes to No and click save.


You will then see the numbers disappear from the dropdowns.


The immediate preference for most stores should be to have this setting turned off. However, if you don't have many subcategories and not much stock, it is useful for customers to see exactly what you do and do not have in stock.

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