How To Speed Up OpenCart

Posted by Paul on December 15, 2020

Speed is one of the most important things when it comes to how enjoyable a website is to use for a customer and these days Google considers it a ranking factor - faster sites appear higher up in the results and therefore get sent more traffic.

So here is an article designed to be a work-in-progress and constantly updated as we find more and more ways to optimise OpenCart for speed, in no particular order.

Turn Off Category Counts
Discussed here:

Install a Good Caching Extension
Nitropack Cache may no longer be the best option:

Add Database Indices
This is essential, easy to do, and provides a massive speed boost:

Trim Error Log Files Automatically
Every time OpenCart has a notice, warning, or error it has to open a log file and if that file is large it can really slow your site. This can sometimes happen hundreds of times per page load so an extension like this is essential:

Fix the Code to Remove Notices and Warnings
Related to the above, you can prevent OpenCart from writing so much to the log.

Use a CSS-only Theme
Some themes are badly written front-end code and some themes are badly written front-end AND back-end code like Journal. Instead use a lightweight theme that is pure CSS like these:

Use CloudFlare (
CloudFlare is free, saves you bandwidth and can speed up your site but beware it can cause issues so always do various tests and test orders after enabling it.

Do you know of any other speed optimisations for OpenCart?

If so, please comment with them below and we'll add any good ones to this list!

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