How to Start Selling Online

Posted by Paul on July 29, 2011

Who might want to sell products online?

  • High street shops.
  • Startups looking to buy in bulk and sell.
  • People/companies who currently sell on eBay or Amazon and want their own web presence.
  • Manufacturers looking to sell direct.
  • Authors looking to sell eBooks.
  • Bands and songwriters looking to sell mp3s.
  • Software companies/individuals with software downloads to sell.

High Street Shops

An online shop can often enhance the existing business, giving customers the choice of where to shop and the convenience of shopping online. Online shoppers are reassured that there is a shop they can visit for product advice or returns. It's very important that the brand is carried across in to the online space and the whole user experience is reliable and professional.


Selling online may be the only option for a startup if the budget isn't there for a physical presence.

ebay/Amazon Sellers

Starting to sell through a website will reduce the fees associated with selling on these platforms and take the company to the next level.


Some manufacturers may want to sell their products direct if they have the facilities to accept online orders and ship products.


eBooks are becoming extremeley popular and with an online platform offering digital downloads, authors can take all the profit from their work.


By selling mp3 downloads, artists can also make more profit from their work.

Software Companies

Software companies can release their software online and capitalize on the power of the Internet to sell their product.