How to Switch Hosting Providers

Posted by AlexDobson on January 14, 2020

Most of our clients have the hosting and web development under the same banner with us. However, it is an industry myth that switching hosting providers mean a long arduous process involving lots of back and forth and downtime. Whilst, in reality, the downtime of the website during the switch is roughly 10 minutes (this could be more, could be less depending on your site) and before this around 2 hours of development time.

So how exactly do you switch to our hosting:

  1. We will need to know how much bandwidth and disk space you are currently using per month for your site. You will be able to get this information either by a) logging into to your hosting control panel directly yourself, b) giving us the control hosting control panel details so we can see ourselves or c) if the current hosting provider is unwilling to give you or us the details (it can happen from time to time) then you can just ask them for the current month and the previous 3 months worth of bandwidth and disk space data. 

  1. Once we have this data we will be able to ascertain which package is best suited for you and your website needs.

  1. After we have both agreed which package is best, we will arrange a time that is preferable to switch from your current hosting provider to our servers. As highlighted above the downtime of the site will only be around 10 minutes (again give and take, don't take this as gospel) and the development time setting this up is roughly 2 hours, so in the greater scheme of things not a long time. 

  1. Once the switch has taken place and A records in the DNS are pointing to our servers you are all good to go.

I hope this helps and gives you the peace of mind that switching to a new hosting provider does not take you the same amount of time as reading the full Lord of the Rings trilogy!

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