How To View Your Subscriptions in PayPal

Posted by Paul on April 27, 2021

Ah PayPal. Love it or hate it, it's going to be around for a while. Even one of the original PayPal founders, Elon Musk himself, has said PayPal hasn't kept up with the industry.

It's not like it's not trying of course, there was a massive website redesign a few years ago that gave (almost) everything the flashy UX treatment.

Of course they missed a few pages such as the one where you manage your PayPal subscriptions, and of course they forgot to put a link to it anywhere in the menu, but there we go.

So if you're trying to work out what subscriptions you have set up and/or cancel any, it's pretty tricky to get there and all of the online instructions are out of date.

So you can get there by viewing your recent activity, finding a transaction that was paid from a subscription, and clicking the "View recurring payment details" link on it, or you can go to this link:

Of course, please be super careful that the above link does actually take you to the domain with a valid SSL and green padlock etc. before logging in, and to be extra safe, instead access that page from your PayPal account from the "View recurring payment details" link on any transaction that comes from a subscription.

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