Is the Face of Business Changing Forever?

Posted by Paul on December 14, 2012

I read a very interesting article recently, in summary it argued that:

  • It's now almost impossible to predict what will happen next in business such as which companies will succeed, and what skills will be most valued.
  • Previously business had been relatively stable and predictable but we have now entered a chaotic era.

  • Things are moving so fast that companies previously at the top of an industry such as Nokia, RIM, Motorola are now dominated by Apple and Samsung in just 5 years.
  • Businesses cannot ignore the technological changes that are taking place.

  • The only constant will be change itself.

  • The new current economy revolves around social and mobile but this may be temporary.

  • Tech companies have been affected first but all businesses will be affected soon enough.

  • Businesses will rise and fall faster than ever.

  • Staff are changing jobs faster and faster than ever before, staying just months before moving on to the next challenge. 

  • Even the very best businesses need to be changing quickly or they will get overtaken.

  • Just as programming has moved from waterfall to agile methodologies, business will need to do the same. 

  • The sort of changes we will see will be customer focussed i.e. Netflix provided better value to customers than Blockbuster by using new technology to deliver content.

  • We're seeing a change on the scale of the industrial revolution which will bring great progress.
  • More than 150 years ago, Charles Darwin foreshadowed this era in his description of natural selection: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives; nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

And here's the link: 

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