Linnworks and OpenCart

Posted by Paul on March 15, 2013

If you're selling any volume of products online, you're probably selling on multiple channels already. The three most popular channels are eBay, Amazon and direct via your own website. There are others of course but these are the main ones.

The problem is that as you sell more and more, the amount of time and manual work needed to manage the orders and stock levels will become unmanageable. You may find that you sell out of a product on one channel and before you have a chance to mark it as out of stock, it's already been ordered on another channel. You may find that printing invoices and labels is different and time consuming when done from each channel.

In this case what you need is all your orders to appear in one manageable place where labels and invoices will be printed automatically and stock levels will be managed across the channels so that when you sell out the product listing is removed.

Linnworks will take care of this for you. There are various versions but a good one to start with is the local solution that sits on a PC in your office, prints orders, invoices and manages stock levels automatically and quickly.

The good news is that Linnworks connects to OpenCart already - you'll need to enter the server name, database name and username and password for your OpenCart database and it will then begin to receive orders and sync stock levels based on the Product ID/SKU etc.

There's a short intro to Linnworks above and "Linnworks Local" is the desktop version of the product.

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