Why and When to Make Use of Our Priority Fee

Posted by AlexDobson on July 20, 2022

We have the Priority Fee available for projects that need to be completed urgently to hit a specific deadline. This means that for a small additional fee we will prioritise your project to make sure we hit the agreed deadline in good time.

Why use the Priority Fee?

The fee to utilise this service is 25% of the project in hand and is only payable if we meet the agreed deadline. The set number of days agreed to complete the project starts the day after we receive the deposit. Where we are held up by delays caused by the client (e.g. waiting for content or feedback), this time does not count as part of our working days (measured in units of ½ days). Working days do not include weekends or Bank Holidays.

When to use the Priority Fee?

If you need to get your website or project launched by a certain date. Utilising the Priority Fee will mean that your project jumps to the front of the queue for our daily scheduling. This has worked very well in the past, for example if a client has a sale scheduled in for the Bank Holiday and the project needs to be completed by this date in order for the sale to be a success then the Priority Fee would make a lot of sense. If the project costs £1k and the additional Priority Fee is £250, yet the sale makes the company £10k then you can see why it is a very useful service to make use of.

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