How to Manually Make an Order Through OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on October 30, 2020

Sometimes customers prefer to order over the phone or are having issues purchasing goods on the site. This may sounds very obvious but if you are new to OpenCart and using the platform, it is important to be able to manually put an order through the website. Below I have highlighted how you can do this:

1) On the OpenCart Admin Dashboard, you click on View more on the Total Orders tab.

Manual Orders.jpg

2) Once on the Orders Page you need to click Add New.

Manual Orders2.jpg 

3) Start filling in the information and click continue.

Manual Orders3.jpg

4) Select the product and click 'add product' at the bottom of the page. Then start working through the Payment Details, Shipping and Totals.

Manual Order4.jpg

5) Then once all the information is filled in click save and the order will be processed.

Manual Orders5.jpg

6) You can then see your new order in your Orders List.

Manual Orders6.jpg

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