Marketing Automation Emails Are Now Free in MailChimp

Posted by Paul on May 19, 2017

I've blogged a fair amount about automation in the past because it's one of the keys to a succesful, profitable and scaleable business. The advantages of automation are really game changing and affect all corners of the "Time, Budget, Quality" triangle. Basically once something is automated, it's usually Faster, Cheaper and Better.

So the goal of any business should be to automate as much as possible, and that includes marketing. Email communication is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing there is in terms of Return On Investment (ROI) so automating your emails has the potential to have a massive impact on your bottom line.

We've been using MailChimp's automation for a long time, to respond to sales of our OpenCart extensions, but it has been a paid service. In the last few weeks, MailChimp have made this fantastic service free!

What can be done?

In a nutshell, send emails in response to events such as sign-ups and dates / countdown timers.

More specifically:

  • Send a series of emails at set intervals after a newsletter sign-up.

  • Send out Happy Birthday! emails on that special day.

And for ecommerce websites:

  • Send a series of emails to new customers, welcoming them and then asking them to leave a review once you know they'll have had a chance to get their item.

  • Send abandoned cart reminders.

  • Send nicely branded order confirmations.

  • Send product usage or care instructions at just the right time.

  • Send related products. For example if someone purchased a radio controlled car that uses fuel, you could send an email with an offer on fuel, once you calculate it must be getting low. 


  • Marketing automation is awesome and will increase your sales.
  • It's also free and relatively easy, so you have no excuse not to start using it now.

Much more info here:

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