Master Plastics OpenCart Upgrade

Posted by AlexDobson on November 2, 2021

We were asked to rebuild the Master Plastics website as they were running an older version of OpenCart which was in need of an update and a refresh. For the new site we upgraded their theme and mirrored the design based on their old site.

For the design the client wanted a black header, a carousel of images with an orange contact us bar below.

Master Plastics1.jpg

We kept the category page very simple and easy for customers to use. The layout allows them to easily find the product pages they want to visit.

Master Plastic2.jpg

The Product Page is lightly laid out to allow the customer to easily adjust the quantity of the product and Add to their Cart. We added features that showed what the product price would be including and excluding VAT, also whether the product was in or out of stock.

Master Plastic3.jpg

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