Antropy’s Most Downloaded Free OpenCart Extensions?

Posted by AlexDobson on April 29, 2022

‘Nothing in this life is free’, the old saying goes but we beg to differ when it comes down to our most popular free extensions. Here are our top 3 most downloaded free OpenCart extensions on the OpenCart Store:

SameSite Session Fix - this extension fixes Missing Order issues with certain payment gateways, caused by the recent rollout of the SameSite cookie attribute to Google Chrome and other major browsers.

Admin Panel Brute Force Block - A quick fix to prevent brute-force and denial-of-service attacks via repeated POST requests to /admin/ as described in this OpenCart Forum Thread.

Better Charts - A very simple extension that allows you to change the colours and graph style of the dashboard reports.

If you would like us to install any of these extensions then please do email us at

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