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Posted by AlexDobson on May 17, 2019

In September 2018 we were approached by one of our long-term clients Nauticalia to rebuild and update their OpenCart website. Nauticalia are an eCommerce company who specialise in nautical collectables, clothing and gifts. Despite having four physical stores, they rely on their website on a day-to-day basis which made this rebuild even more imperative. At the time the website was running on OpenCart version and they were looking to update this to the latest version of

The brief for the new website was:

  • Design and build of a custom theme based loosely on the current live site.

  • A straightforward customer journey for those who have registered and wanting to sign up.

  • Remove Contact form and instead have a LiveChat integration.

  • Quick order form to be implemented.

  • Retain functionality from previous site that allows bulk uploads of products and prices.

  • Seamless Data Transfer

  • Custom modifications within the Customer Group.

  • Adding additional fields within the Product and Category Pages.

  • Improve the Cart journey.

  • Request Catalogue to be implemented.

  • Three new Payment Gateways to be added.

Below you can see some images from the points above.


So beforehand the Website Theme looked like this:

And the new Website Theme looks like this:


Straightforward customer journey for signing up:


Remove Contact form and instead have a LiveChat integration:


Quick order form to be implemented:


Improve the Cart journey:


Request Catalogue to be implemented:

Three new Payment Gateways:


As you can see the changes to the theme, website and other changes have made a huge difference to Nauticalia as a brand. They are very happy with the new website and are already reaping the rewards for the rebuild. Our developer James did a fantastic job with this and you can see in our portfolio page ( other redevelopments with OpenCart websites.
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