Our New Technical Audit Service Now Available

Posted by AlexDobson on February 1, 2021

We used to undertake a Design and SEO Audit, this really helped clients understand what the website was like from a customer's perspective. This included checklisted items such as speed, usability, functionality and Google ranking. Although this audit was very useful, it didn't actually look at the back-end code and how your site had been built from a development standpoint.

So this got us thinking and we came up with the Technical Audit which encompasses running through our own technical checklist and reviewing various aspects of your website from theme quality to the error logs. This is priced at £200 and with this you'll get a detailed written report with technical recommendations for changes to make to improve your online shop in terms of conversion rate, stability, speed, security, and more.

So what results come from the audit to help boost your website sales?

  • Identifies problems with site speed. Fixing these will boost Google Ranking and increase sales as it's proven that conversion rates are higher on faster sites.
  • Identifies code problems that could be preventing customers from buying, thus when fixed this will increase your sales. This also factors in the stability of your site as downtime means lost sales.
  • Identifies security issues which lowers chances of getting hacked which is hugely disruptive and costly to fix.
  • Identifies common SEO problems, which when addressed will boost search position, traffic, and sales.
  • Identifies how trustworthy your site is by checking various factors such as whether you have an SSL installed (green padlock) as this increases customer trust which in turn boosts sales.

Having a faster and better ranked site is almost guaranteed to generate more sales and increase customer satisfaction, thus the audit usually pays for itself.

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