Opayo Update Deadline for your OpenCart Store is Looming

Posted by AlexDobson on February 4, 2022

As I am sure those Opayo (formerly SagePay) users have seen, the SCA Deadline is set for the 14th March 2022. There are a number of updates that need to be put in place before this deadline and these should be implemented sooner rather than later.

What is changing:

To quote from the horse's mouth - 

Thanks to PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) there are a set of game changing security measures to make it safer to shop and bank online benefitting both the shopper and business. At the heart of it is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

The UK SCA deadline is 14th March 2022 however from January ‘til March there will be a ramp up in card issuers challenging transactions for SCA, resulting in non-compliant transactions being soft/hard declined if the SCA data is not provided. 

From 18th January 10% of transactions will be SCA challenged by issuers, this % will increase throughout March with 100% of transactions being SCA challenged by the deadline date (14th March 2022).


Put simply, PSD2 is a form of legislation designed to drive providers of payment services to strengthen the customer authentication processes and to bring in new ruling around third-party involvement. The security improvements will help the processing of electronic purchases and the customer's financial data.

So how does this affect you and your OpenCart website?

These updates need to be implemented on your site and although Opayo highlights this can be done by you, really only someone with a web development background can do this. 

A helpful starting point before a developer looks into this for you is by checking your ecommerce payments have 3D Secure activated, you can view this by logging into MySagePay. How many updates or changes needed to be made, really depends on which payment integration your site uses with Opayo.  

When should I get this updated?

Although the deadline is the 14th March, this should be done ASAP. We had a lot of companies getting this update completed over the last few months but we know there are still some OpenCart stores using Opayo who are leaving it to the last minute. This is not advisable as it is not as straightforward as clicking a button, so the sooner you start, the fewer orders will get declined.

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