Latest OpenCart 1.5.6 Connects to Ebay, Amazon and Play

Posted by Paul on July 29, 2013

The latest OpenCart has been released, version 1.5.6 and it has several really great new features!

eBay, Amazon and Integration
The biggest feature is that now the OpenBay Pro extension is bundled with the default download of OpenCart. This is good news because it's a great extension that a lot of people may not have previously been aware of or been able to install on their own.

This allows OpenCart to connect directly to your eBay, Amazon and stores, synchronising inventory levels, importing orders, creating and removing listings, and generally making multi-channel selling a lot easier and more efficient. We've been recommending this extension to our clients for quite some time now so it's great to see it's now included by default.

Amazon Payments
Also new out of the box is the ability to pay with Amazon payments. This means that if a customer already has an account (and most people do), they can choose to pay with a couple of clicks without having to enter their card details and they can feel safe that Amazon will process their payment securely, giving an increased level of buyer confidence and a better experience.

PayPal Recurring Payments
Actually quite a big feature that I often see requested on the ecommerce forums is the ability for a shopping cart to allow customers to buy a recurring subscription to a service. Very few (if any) of the other shopping carts currently offer this out of the box and I think it's going to prove very useful for many online businesses. This works with PayPal Express Checkout, discussed below.

PayPal Pro iframe
Previously a separate download, PayPal Pro iframe is now included and makes life easier for both retailers and customers. Retailers have far less stringent PCI compliance checks to pass and a far more secure checkout at the same time because the PayPal pages are never hosted on the retailer's server. Customers have a seemingly integrated shopping experience and a more secure way to pay. This will be the option to use for many shops.

PayPal Express Checkout
This allows customers to checkout much faster by using the details stored in their PayPal account. They just need to login to PayPal and they're done.

PayPal Admin Integration
You can now search for and refund PayPal transactions directly from OpenCart itself, saving time.

So overall, a pretty exciting OpenCart release with lots of new features that will save time, give a better user experience, and sell more stuff!

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