OpenCart 1.5 Virtual Memory Usage and CPU

Posted by Paul on March 8, 2013

We were seeing an issue on one of our sites recently where occasionally and without warning it would throw an Internal Server error. The site did have a pretty large number of products and categories but not too many more from some of our other sites that were fine.

After disabling all the extensions we'd installed (about 5 in total) we were still seeing the issue. The server had recently been upgraded to CloudLinux, which is intended to limit the resources of individual websites so that they don't cause issues with other websites on the server when there are problems.

It turned out that the CPU and Virtual Memory Usage for this website were hitting their limits and causing the problem. To reduce the load on the server, we installed the Increase Page Speed extension and perfomed some load tests on the website. With up to 200 active connections, CPU and Virtual Memory Usage stayed at around 0, occasionally going up to 50% but staying within acceptable limits.

So top marks for this great extension:

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