OpenCart 2.2 Fulfilment By Amazon

Posted by Paul on April 21, 2016

OpenCart 2.2 was released recently and hiding amongst the other standard updates such as cleaner code is something we think is really quite exciting ... the ability to connect to Fulfilment By Amazon.

If you're not familiar with FBA, have a look at this:

So essentially you send your stock to Amazon, they look after it, they pick it, pack it and post it, and look after the customer service. Because Amazon are the ones who send it out, it's available to Amazon Prime customers who tend to be more affluent.

And the latest release of OpenCart includes the latest release of OpenBay Pro which allows you to connect to FBA automatically. All you need to do is:

  1. Send stock to Amazon
  2. Sign up for OpenBay Pro
  3. Connect to your Amazon account

Now, when FBA products are ordered on your website, they will be automatically dispatched by Amazon saving you a lot of time. Whether the cost of the service is low enough to keep you profitable will depend on your prices, costs and overheads but it's definitely worth a look.

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