OpenCart Orders to Tradebox to Sage 50

Posted by Paul on September 23, 2014

After many long evenings and far too much caffeine to be considered safe, we have released our OpenCart to Tradebox extension in to the wild to roam amongst the other OpenCart modules.

Like it says on the tin, OpenCart to Tradebox will allow you to connect your OpenCart store to the excellent Tradebox platform, automatically sending your orders through the ether(net).

The details are elementary; once installed a CSV will be generated containing recent orders. No files will be overwritten and vQmod is not required. A few of the right clicks in the right order inside Tradebox will allow you to select the new OpenCart option that the jolly decent chaps at Tradebox have added specially.

You will need to set up a cron (no, not Tron) to regularly generate the CSV and instructions for this are included.

Once connected to Tradebox, you'll be able to create invoices, picking and packing lists, despatch notes, print address labels and supplier purchase orders from your OpenCart website orders with no more manual data entry for you or your warehouse monkeys/staff.

The most frequent users of this extension are Sage 50 users. Orders will automatically make their merry way from OpenCart to Tradebox to Sage 50 Accounts with no work required other than the initial setup which is a doddle for everyone other than your mother.

To find out a bit more about how Tradebox can automate this part of your business go to:

To see our extension in all its glory in the OpenCart extension directory, go to:

As always we'd love to have your feedback, good or bad on this extension and others we could build so make like an outsourced SEO company and get blog commenting...

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