OpenCart PayPal Checkout Integration Upgrade

Posted by AlexDobson on March 22, 2023

Recently, PayPal has released an upgraded extension for the OpenCart e-commerce platform - PayPal Checkout Integration. The upgrade provides many new features and enhancements to the existing module. In this blog we take a look at what has been upgraded and what version of OpenCart this applies to.

What's New in the PayPal Commerce Platform Module Upgrade?

The new PayPal Commerce Platform module upgrade for OpenCart supports the latest version of the PayPal Checkout SDK (v2). The upgraded module provides several new features and enhancements to the existing module, including:

Updated APIs - The upgraded module now uses the latest PayPal APIs to provide faster, more reliable payment processing.

Improved performance - The new module has been optimised to reduce page load times and improve overall performance.

Customizable checkout experience - The module allows merchants to customise the checkout experience to match their branding and improve conversion rates.

Enhanced fraud protection - The upgraded module includes additional fraud protection features, such as risk filtering, to help prevent fraudulent transactions.

Support for PayPal Seller Protection - The extension now supports PayPal Seller Protection, which helps protect merchants against fraudulent chargebacks and reversals.

The upgrade affects all OpenCart versions but if you are on a version below, then the extension needs to be installed manually and we are happy to do this for you. 

There is no official deadline for completing the upgrade to the PayPal Commerce Platform module for OpenCart. However, it is recommended that merchants upgrade to the latest version of the module as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements, as well as to ensure that they are using the most secure and reliable version of the module.

PayPal have been contacting OpenCart websites individually but if you want to get ahead of the game, then please do contact us at and we can get the updated extension integrated for you.

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