OpenCart vs Magento

Posted by Paul on August 24, 2012

"Which shopping cart should I use?"

It's a great question that's asked a lot on business and ecommerce forums alike. While the answer will of course depend to some extent on what is being sold, two platforms that often come up are Magento and OpenCart.

Well let's put them head to head:

Feature OpenCart [1]
Magento [2] 
Magento [2]

Multiple Stores

Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Friendly Yes Yes Yes

Product Configurations

Yes Yes Yes

Mobile Commerce

Yes Yes Yes

Web Services API

  Yes Yes

Strong Data Encryption

Yes   Yes

PCI Compliant

Yes Yes  Yes

Customer Groups

Yes Yes  Yes

Reward Points & Store Credit

Free Extension [3]   Yes

Content Management System

1 Level [4] 1 Level  Yes 

Site Access Permissions


Free Extension


Full Page Caching

Yes [5] Yes

Online Demo

Yes Yes  Yes Rating

4.30 2.78 [7]
Consulting Services Yes [6]   Yes

Multiple Licenses

Yes   Yes
Total 20.30 13.78 19.78

In conclusion?

If you're comparing OpenCart to the free version of Magento, there isn't really any contest.

Compared to the £9k/year version it's closer but based on the features above OpenCart still wins.


[1] OpenCart features listed here:

[2] Magento version features listed here:

[3] This extension, developed by one of the main OpenCart team, provides store credit:

[4] OpenCart CMS extensions are relatively low cost:

[5] Perhaps this is why there are so many reports of Magento running slowly?

[6] We are one of many companies that provide this service, click here for more.

[7] No rating available so "2.78" was used.

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