OpenCart vs Prestashop

Posted by Paul on March 1, 2013

OpenCart and PrestaShop are both great systems, both are free and open source and come with pretty much all of the features you'd need to get your ecommerce business off the ground and it would only be the biggest online shops with very complex requirements that start to outgrow them (we're talking requirements as bespoke as Amazon, eBay and

There are lots of platforms in the free and open source ecommerce space, but these two come out on top again and again over many different metrics. So we put them head-to-head on a comparison of some of the most important ecommerce features.

Feature OpenCart [1]
PrestaShop [2] 

Multiple Stores

Yes Yes


Yes Yes


Yes Yes
Search Engine Friendly Yes Yes

Product Configurations

Yes Yes

Mobile Commerce

Yes Yes

Web Services API


Strong Data Encryption

Yes Yes

PCI Compliant

Yes Yes

Customer Groups

Yes Yes

Reward Points & Store Credit

Free Extension [3] Yes

Content Management System

1 Level [4] Yes

Site Access Permissions



Full Page Caching

Yes Yes

Online Demo

Yes Yes Rating

4.30 3.22
Consulting Services Yes [5] Just 1 UK Agency

Multiple Licenses

Yes Yes 
Total 20.30 19.72


The final scores show that it's close between these two great platforms. In PrestaShop's favour it has slightly better support for product variations out of the box (although the OpenStock extension for OpenCart matches this). Another plus point for PrestaShop is the WebService API which I couldn't find documented but is present in the source code.

Overall though, OpenCart leads by around 1 point, helped by a much higher rating from, a far bigger list of commercial support developers and points in other areas. Another big win for OpenCart which isn't listed on this table is the clean and efficient nature of the source code. While PrestaShop's is good too, and both are in a different league from Magento.


[1] OpenCart features listed here:

[2] PrestaShop version features listed here: 

[3] This extension, developed by one of the main OpenCart team, provides store credit:

[4] OpenCart CMS extensions are relatively low cost:

[5] We are one of many companies that provide this service, click here for more.

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