Our New Technical Audit Service Now Available

Posted by AlexDobson on February 1, 2021

We have been undertaking our Design and SEO Audit for quite some time now and it really helps clients understand what the website is like from a customer's perspective.  It includes checklisted items such as speed, usability, functionality and Google ranking. Although this audit is very useful it does not actually look at the back-end code and how your site has been built from a development standpoint.

So this got us thinking and we have now come up with a Technical Audit that will allow us to delve into your site, so you can see how well the site has been built and what needs to be improved from a development perspective. We will get one of our experienced developers to overview your website touching on many aspects from the theme quality to the error logs. You will get a detailed review of our findings, as well as, if requested, estimates for those points that need addressing.

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