Our Newly Created Custom Themes Are Now Available to Purchase

Posted by AlexDobson on April 29, 2019

This has been a project that has been quietly running in the background for a number of months now. The idea came to us as a number of clients approached us over the last 6 months asking whether we had any themes we could provide. Of course we didn’t so this got us thinking about whether we could do a better job than some of the themes that are already in circulation. Of course the answer was 'yes' and we believe our final product will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

So to the grand unveiling this is our new iStore Theme (which is compatible for OpenCart version 2.x through to 3.x).

You can have a look through the live demo here.

We have tried to differentiate from OpenCart's original theme look but still encompass the same level of support for extensions. This was made possible by no core files being overridden and styling only using CSS. As you can see the theme is user friendly and stylistically pleasing to the eye, yet simplistic at the same time.

The product drop downs are in keeping with the original OpenCart theme with the numbers by the side of the titles.


However the banner below we found was more colourful and more spacious than the original.


Also we changed the styling for the ‘Featured’ products to make it look more up to date, yet still be in keeping with the simplicity of the theme.    


The theme is priced at $50 (this includes documentation and 12 months free support). It is fully responsive for both mobile and tablet.

Please do let us know your thoughts and if you would like any more information about our new theme then contact us at info@antropy.co.uk. Watch this space for more themes to be released in due course as we have a few more up our sleeve at the moment ...

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