How to Sell Products Across Multiple Online Channels

Posted by Paul on July 10, 2012

Having your own ecommerce website is great, but you'll generate significantly more sales if you're also selling on ebay and amazon.

The problem is, if you have a lot of products, managing all these listings can be time consuming.

Luckily there are several ways to upload your inventory in one place...

OpenCart with ebay and Amazon Modules
You could use your existing OpenCart web store as the central store for your products and then buy the ebay and Amazon listing modules. These will take your products from OpenCart and list them on ebay and Amazon. No monthly fees or limits make this a very attractive option.

Channel Advisor
Allows you to list on ebay, Amazon and Pixmania. Will also sync inventory. However costs can be quite high and are a percentage of sales. 

247 TopSeller
Supports listing on ebay, Amazon, Pixmania and Also syncs inventory. 

Will allow you to list on ebay, Amazon and and syncs inventory. A bit pricey because of low limits on the number of orders per day.

Linnworks - LinnLive
Allows listings and synchronisation across ebay, Amazon and your own Magento store. 

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